This platform provide citizens with accurate information about government projects, making it easier to hold officials accountable. We believe that accountability is a crucial factor in governance, and our platform seeks to increase transparency and ensure that public officials deliver on their promises


We are committed to tracking government promises, ensuring that they are delivered on time and within budget. Our platform provides citizens with easy access to information about the government’s projects and promises, making it easier for them to hold officials accountable.

Our Key Objectives​

Raise Awareness

Our tracker aims to raise awareness among the public and the new administration about the importance of improved service delivery in various sectors. By highlighting the current status of service delivery, we hope to educate citizens and policymakers on the critical areas that need improvement.

Identify Areas Of Improvement

We aim to identify areas where service delivery can be improved and demonstrate how it can lead to positive impacts on citizens' lives. By tracking and analyzing service delivery indicators, we can pinpoint specific areas that require attention and provide recommendations for improvement.

Mobilize Public Opinion

Our tracker seeks to mobilize public opinion for the new administration to prioritize service delivery reforms. By making service delivery data publicly available, we hope to empower citizens to hold policymakers accountable and advocate for necessary reforms.

Increase Transparency

We advocate for increased transparency and accountability in service delivery. By monitoring and reporting on service delivery indicators, we aim to encourage policymakers to be more transparent about their performance and progress towards reform.

Encourage Stakeholder Engagement

Our tracker aims to encourage the new administration to engage with stakeholders and seek their input in designing and implementing service delivery reforms. By facilitating dialogue and collaboration between policymakers and stakeholders, we hope to ensure that service delivery reforms are responsive to the needs and priorities of citizens.

Measure Progress

Our tracker aims to measure progress in service delivery reforms over time. By regularly updating and reporting on service delivery indicators, we can track progress towards reform and hold policymakers accountable for their commitments.


Days in office

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Jun 24, 2023

A Non-Partisan/Non-Political group known as Haske Kano has launched a website called ‘Kano tracker’ for monitoring and performance measurements of governance in Kano state to enhance the effective and efficient distribution of democratic dividends to the people, especially the grassroots.

May 17, 2023

During the 2023 general election, Hasken Kano collaborated with Partnership Engage, Reform, and Learn (PERL) and UK Aid to develop a charter that addresses major concerns in Kano.

April 28, 2023

Citizen’s groups in kano, submitted a position paper on the the Kano state mutual accountability framework (KanMAF), to the New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP), gubernatorial transition committee (GTC) 2023.

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